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Refresher Sprays

Introducing our paw-some doggy refresher sprays! These magical mists do it all – they whisk away those funky smells and leave your furry friend smelling like a dream. Our Lavender blend is like a calming hug for your pup, helping with anxiety and promoting total zen vibes. And the Cedarwood? It's nature's way of telling pests to take a hike! 🌿

Think of it as your dog's secret weapon against unwanted critters, all in a cute little bottle. Oh, and FYI, it's not a flea superhero – just a fur-tastic organic method to keep the pests at bay! 🐾✨


Select from three unique fragrances:

Lavender (Calm The Floof Down)

Cedarwood (Handsome As Floof)

Cedarwood Lavender (Pawsome Floof)



Witch hazel, distilled water, 100% organic essiential oils such as cedarwood and lavender.

4oz spray glass bottles


Our products are entirely organic, using only the finest ingredients for our beloved pets, including 100% pure essential oils.

Refresher Sprays


Ensure thorough shaking before applying to your dog. DO NOT APPLY TO CATS. Spray on fur, avoiding the face. Can be used on bedding.

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