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Dog Waving Paw
  • Why does my paw balm color look different than the photo?
    The color of our paw balm might vary due to the assortment of beeswax hues sourced for our product. Occasionally, our provider runs out of stock for a specific type. However, our beeswax is consistently 100% organic, reflecting our commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients for our paw balm recipe.
  • Is your hardware durable?
    Over time, our hardware, like any other material, can develop custom scratches. Among our hardware options, brass and antique brass stand out as the most durable. However, it's important to note that rose gold, although beautiful, tends to fade over time as it's only plated. It remains an exquisite choice for a dog collar, especially for dogs that aren't rough on their collars. Do consider that over time, solid brass hardware naturally undergoes oxidation, which may result in grey/green tarnish marks against the biothane material, particularly noticeable on lighter colors. Additionally, martingale collars might leave imprints on fur, particularly visible on white-colored dogs. These marks are non-toxic and can be cleaned away.
  • Are essential oils bad for pets?
    All our essential oils are 100% organic and completely pure. We meticulously source these products to ensure the highest quality for your pets. When diluted appropriately, essential oils are safe for your pets. We exclusively employ pet-safe essential oils in our products. It's important to highlight that while certain essential oils may be safe for dogs, they can be harmful to cats such as lavender products.
  • How durable is biothane?
    Our biothane material showcases a break load of up to 1000lbs, the load varying with the product's width. Biothane is resistant to fading, doesn't absorb odors, and is completely waterproof.
  • Do you offer whole sale orders?
    Certainly! We provide wholesale orders. Simply inform us of the products you desire for your store, and we'll prepare a customized quote for you.
  • Do you offer custom orders?
    Of course! We're able to customize orders, including sizes with collars and hands-free leashes. Whether you need a larger or smaller size, just inform us of your requirements, and we'll create it for you without any hassle.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Absolutely! Returns are welcome for most items within a 30-day window. However, custom orders, tailored specifically to your pet's size, are non-refundable. To ensure accuracy, please carefully choose the correct dog collar size using our sizing chart and measure your dog's neck prior to placing an order.
  • How sustainable are you?
    Sustainability holds immense significance for us at Floof n' Pawz. When preparing orders, we refrain from using excessive packaging materials. Instead, we opt for biodegradable plastic mailers and peanuts, or any compostable alternatives. Our dedication extends to caring wildlife and our environment in every step we take.
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